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Great Kingshill Church of England Combined School

Great Kingshill Church of England Combined School Growing together. Faith in our Future. Member of Kings Education Trust

Miss Katie Harris

My journey into teaching is still very much beginning. I’m now in my second year as a teacher after graduating from the University of Portsmouth with a degree in English Language and Literature and completing my PGCE at Oxford Brookes University. I was lucky enough to stumble across Great Kingshill by being sent there on my second placement working in Year 5 with Mr Hoddell. I immediately fell in love with the children, the staff and the whole atmosphere of the school. Thankfully I was offered an interview, which was clearly successful!


Since becoming a teacher, I can say without doubt that I have found my passion and am fortunate enough to have found a career I can truly see myself enjoying for the rest of my working life. Spending every day with your children not only provides me with endless laughter, but also a huge amount of pride. Every day I watch in amazement as the children in my class grow and develop, both academically and personally. Being witness to those ‘lightbulb’ moments, where something a child has battled with for days suddenly clicks, is a great privilege. More than that, seeing children grow in confidence, watching as their unique personalities change and develop, and getting to know each child for their individual quirks, is easily the best part of my job. Each child brings something different to the classroom and make the atmosphere in our room one of laughter, love and joy, making the end of each year extremely difficult when saying goodbye! In short, your children make my day, every day.


Outside of the classroom, I am extremely into fitness and love trying a variety of different fitness classes and competitive events. Over the last few years I have run two half marathons, one full marathon and completed three tough mudder courses. I try to bring my enthusiasm for fitness into school by helping out at running club each week, keeping my class active with little 5 minute games in the classroom or active lessons and getting more involved with the PE in the school and helping to find ways to keep your children fit and healthy!

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