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Great Kingshill Church of England Combined School

Great Kingshill Church of England Combined School Growing together. Faith in our Future. Member of Kings Education Trust

Mr Simon Horton



  1. the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.


This word best describes my journey into teaching. Teaching was never my original goal, in fact, I was going to be the next Dana Scully; solving crimes through forensic science. After three years of homogenising liver enzymes at Bangor University, I realised that this was a little bit boring and repetitive… not for me. However, during this time there occurred an event that was to have a significant impact. For my final year I chose to produce an educational video (really showing my age now) modelling the process of gel filtration for undergraduates. I was then asked to stay on to continue to create a series of educational videos after I graduated. I had been bitten by the teaching bug. My career took another twist when I joined Thames Valley University (TVU) to study a Postgraduate Diploma in Information Management. I became a Librarian at TVU, and happily worked in the profession for twelve years. The part of the job I enjoyed the most was teaching the students information management skills. When the site was closed, I took voluntary redundancy rather than move to the London site. This time was used being a house husband (child number three had recently been born) and exploring my future. After completing the GTP process into teaching, I have now been teaching for eight years.


The best thing about working with your child is it is never boring or repetitive, but fun, challenging and ever changing. Their sense of humour, originality and energy always astounds me and seeing them develop both academically and as individuals is a reward beyond measure. Being able to support and guide the start of their life’s journey is a true honour and privilege.

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