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Student News 25.01.22

Dear GKCS,

We haven't updated on here in a long time but I hope you're excited to read this week's news laugh.. Year 1 have a new teacher- Mrs Cook. Year 1 have been busy learning about real life superheroes and had a workshop about them. Many of the other year groups have been busy and working hard. We hope you enjoy the blog. The bloggersheart.


Year 1 have been very busy  had a exciting week. They've been doing poetry in English and learning about algorithms. Tying in with their superhero topic, they made super potatoe head!cool They've been learning about superheroes like Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale. They had a workshop in the hall about Florence Nightingale and learnt about her role in the war.



In year 2 this week, they have been doing lots of exciting things! Year 2 have been given the task to either learn to count to 2`s in French, learn the macarrana dance or count to 10 in Chinese! WOW year 2 you have been working hardlaughyes! In English, they have been writing a news letter about the Great Fire Of London. This ties in with their PE where they are doing a Great Fire Of London dance! Finally, they have been practicing text mapping the poem The Owl And The Pussycat! I wonder what is in store next week for year 2!



This week in year 3 they have been doing some really cool things laugh! They have recently been reading the BFG in class and have found it really good, year 3 are also learning about the stone age and historic times they found it really interesting. This links with the cave paintings they are doing in class with pastels and the different types of rocks. Year 3 have been working really hard in general this week. They rock yes. What's to come for next weekenlightened?



Year 5 have recently finished 'boy at the back of the class'. This taught them about refugees. 5F one the TT rockstars battle the score was: 1346-1243. They made clay pots with lotus flowers inside which represent 'there is always more room for goodness'. They've been reading the firework maker's daughter. 5F tested Turkish delight! Lastly, they've been on a Chinese exploring journey.