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Student News 26.11.21

Hey everyone, welcome to our third edition of our brilliant blog! cheekyThis week we have been especially busy, racing around the school collecting exciting news. Earlier this week, KS1 went on a cinema trip to watch 'Mary and the witch's flower', we were just sad we couldn't comecryingno. We hope you enjoy reading about exciting events in our school. Have a great Friday and wonderful weekend.laugh                                                                                            From the bloggers.wink


This week in Reception, the children when on an exiting detour from school and found themselves posting lettersmail to Santa Claus asking for what they would really likeheart. They planned and wrote their letters on Monday and Tuesday but on Wednesday they left school, put on high-vises and walked up the road to a post box by the shop. laugh

Reception have also been practicing their exciting, new nativity which has really come on well recently!yes We can hear it from our classroom! ( Not saying that we've been listening)! blush They even have been using lightsenlightened and amps! Not forgetting the huge, shiny DISCO BALL! wink

 They have also been enjoying some Outdoor Learning which they did on Thursday. It was really chilly but they zipped up their coats and jumped outsidelaugh!

Finally, Reception have -as always- been creating fabulous paintings which they lovedheart and made stick men out of the sticks they had found!angel


Year 1 have had a very exciting week. On Wednesday, they missed school (much to their own delight) to go and watch 'Mary and the Witch's Flowersmiley at the cinema. The English they were doing also sounded good fun!laugh They were writing their own stories about a poor, lost toy just like in Toy Story! When finished, the stories will go in a real, published book for The Library! The classes very much enjoyed Maths, as they were learning and naming 2D shapes. Last, but not least for this exciting week, the year 1s were taught about how different animals cope in Winter. Did you ever know out of your tippy tiny mind that Arctic Foxes change the colour of their fur for Winter? I didn't!!enlightened.



Year 2 have been busy this week practicing their nativity.devil SPOILER ALERT: may include aliens.devil On Wednesday, they went to the cinema to watch a film part of film festival week. Moving on, in English they were reporters writing about Neil Armstrong's recruit to the moon.mail The year twos told us they really enjoyed the film, especially missing lessons.yes Cheekylaugh.



Year 3 have made their lovley sculptureslaugh! First they made them out of junk modeling (like cardboard boxes) then covered them in paper mache and mod rock. Finally they painted them to create animals or shapes. They did this to decorate the school. Their new book is SPY TOYScheeky, they seem to love it! They are going to Henley river to learn about how rivers work. Sadly it had to be postponed as they all had Covid-it comes every now and then. Also Year 3 have been learning about Christmas traditions. They have learnt about non religious and religious ways we celebrate the festive holidayangel!

Quotes from the children:

''I heartArt '' ''I always try my best in every subject''.



This week in year 4, they have been very busy. Both classes are battling fearsomelysurprise to see who will be crowned best kingdom of the times table realm.angel In English they are soldiers building Hadrian's wall and writing letters to their mothers about their job. With Mrs Best in DT, they have been sewing colourful, decorative CHRISTMAS stockings to hang on their fireplaces ready to be filled to the brim by SANTAsmiley!!!!!!!!!!                                                     by Immy & KK


This week year 5 have been extra busy. In maths they have been looking at division and multiplication. They have been reading Beowulf by Michael Mopurgo. In science they have had a very exciting lesson. They were pretending to be children from a small village in Kenya. They had to collect dirty water from leaking buckets. Between now and the end of term they will be designing a water purification system. Did you know 1 in 3 people don't have clean water and we use 150l of water each day. That's shockingsurprise. This makes us think how lucky we are. Lastly, they have been busy drawing Viking warriors.


As usual, Year 6 have been super busy. We have been dividing and multiplying fractions (boring)wink. We've have also been jazzing in music.  We've been writing really long letters as evacuees in English. Also we had a debate on how to pronounce sister in German with Mr Hoddell as we were learning how to say how many sibling you havelaugh. In topic we have moved on from WW1 to WW2 learning about Winston Churchill and what role he took in the war.