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Student News 12.11.21

By Khadeeja Khaliq, Kian Byne, Leo Vye, Rory Tallack, Ollie Vye, Malaika Abdul-Khaliq, Jacob Horrocks, Tom Wimsett, Immy Shah, Orla Stay and Poppy Dean


In the last week, the Receptions have been enjoying some fun activities. A large tractor even visited them and they explored the huge tractor and asked interesting questions. They loved looking at the colossal muddy tractor wheels. Also the Receptions have been learning about Space and The Seasons of the Year. They made life-size scarecrows in the conservation area and created a pumpkin patch. They've been practicing a Nativity called 'A Little Bird' - which has got off to an interesting start... We can't wait to see it!!! yes

A  word from the children- ''This week my favourite thing was the tractor!'' Naomi, age 4.

Written by Kian and Leo

Year 1

Quite recently, Year 1 have been having a great time mixing colours with paint. They have also been learning about seasons and how weather changes. Year 1 have been going outside every day to check the overall weather. Every Wednesday, (their P.E day) it poured with rain! crying The poor little Year 1s were drenched! Consequently, they had to do throwing and catching inside!angry In their maths lessons, they have been learning about how to represent different numbers. It seems that all of them LOVEheart their hide and seek games at lunch and break. They also enjoy their clubs during the hours after school. Football and dance club were the most popular, with art club not far behind!

Quotes from the Year 1s: "I like going to school!" and: "WE LOVE DANCE CLUB!!!!!laugh

Written by Rory and Ollie

Year 2

This week in year 2, they have been reading a book called "Man on the moon".yes For English they wrote post cards to their families about visiting the man on the moon, many sent them to their sisters or brothers, but most sent them to their mums and dads.mail I wonder how they send postcards from the moon home? Anyways here are a couple of comments from the children,, a little girl said," I wrote to my mummy and sister about seeing the man on the moon. I hope they write back soon!!!!"


Written by Malaika and Immy

Year 3

Year 3 are having an interesting time surprise This term, they are making sculptures... we will tell you more about that next week when we check in on their progress. Also, they're having an exciting trip to the River and Rowing museum in Henley next Monday! It will be sooo much fun laughlaugh. They are reading the wonderful book 'Wind In The Willows' about mole, badger, rat and toad.

Written by Jacob and Tom

Year 4

Year 4 have been very busy this week! They have been learning about the RUTHLESS Romans!!!devil From roads to recreating their own CARDBOARD town.surprise How cool is that?!!! Very, I'd say! Not only that , but they even did a netball tournament at Holmer Green - they even won some of their matches! They did a Maths workshop too where some adults came in to teach them lots of new things! All in all, a lot was happening for year 4 this week - hopefully they're not too tired this weekend! 

Written by Malaika and Immy

Year 5

In Year 5 this week they have been doing many exciting things, such as poetry, tag rugby and reading the book 'Boer Wolf.' They have also been doing some Viking Art! Children say Viking Art includes a lot of animals and mainly snake headssurprise. Recently in PE, they have been learning Dance and in ICT they are learning how to touch type. They have also started learning about the Christmas Story! Year 5 look like they have had an awesome week!laugh I wonder what next week will bring?

Written by Poppy and Orla 

Year 6

In year 6 we have been doing lots of interesting things! On Thursday, we had a  SCHOOL TRIPwink! We went to London to visit THE IMPERIAL WAR MUSEUM where we learnt about World War 1 and 2! Everyone got to see what life was like in the trenches.  In there, we were lucky enough to see real guns and tanks. As you looked up, planes that were used in the war hung from the ceiling. A BOMB larger than a house surprise stood before us. At lunch time, 3 people had been bombed on by bird poo crying! On Wednesday, most of us took part in filming a Remembrance Day service. It took us 24 takes angry! Eventually, we managed to finish it. 

A message from some year 6s:" I LOVED heart the school trip!" and "I hoped you enjoyed our play yes!"

WRITTEN BY Poppy Dean and Jacob Horrocks

On Thursday this week the whole school celebrated Remembrance Day. As a school, we took time to think about the many men and women who have been injured, or even died during conflicts around the world. The first ever Remembrance day took place exactly one year after the end of World War One (11 o'clock on the 11th November 1918), when King George proposed the idea of a two-minute silence to commemorate all those who had lost their lives to war. Lots of us will be going to Remembrance services on Sunday to think about all those who have been killed or injured in World War One, World War Two, and all conflicts since. We also think about all their families who are affected too. 


We hope you have enjoyed our very first blog post!! We have had so much fun in our first week as reporters cool We hope you are looking forward to next week's post