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Visions and Values

Aspiring to be our best with kindness, respect and faith.

At Great Kingshill Church of England Combined School,  we promote a love of learning with God as our guide in a safe, happy environment. We challenge and support each other to do our best. Our Christian vision is based around the bible story of The Good Samaritan (Luke 10: 25-37) as it resonates with our school values of Love, Courage, Forgiveness, Hope, Respect and Truth and guides us in our vision of ‘Aspiring to be our best with kindness, respect and faith.’ Being a Good Samaritan is at the heart of everything we do at Great Kingshill, and this is also reflected in our school song ‘Would you Walk by on the Other Side’ (Cross Over the Road)

 Through our everyday values of Love, Courage, Forgiveness, Hope, Respect and Truth we hope to instil the children with a tolerance and understanding of all people, irrespective of faith, race, colour or creed.

Thus, we strive to teach our children a values-based education. We hope they embrace those same values and ideals which stay with them and, in turn, perhaps one day provide the foundation upon which they will themselves teach their own children.

Education is a gift, we try to give it with humility and understanding, so all our pupils might learn, regardless of ability, but all achieving the same rate of progress, relative to their individual start points.  No child, irrespective of background or circumstance, should ever feel either left out, or left behind. All will be given equal opportunity and afforded equal time, to find their way without fear or favour.

We never lead, we encourage pupils to seek  and if they in some way struggle to find, we will always strive as much as we possibly can to light their way.  We passionately want their learning path to be the most enjoyable it possibly can. Whatever we can do to enhance and enrich their journey with us, we consider it our obligation not only to them, but to their future too.

We do our very best to provide a broad, rich and varied curriculum - we understand some children hate maths (it wouldn’t be normal if there wasn’t…!) - but in the multi-faceted whirlpool of education, we try to pull at least one rabbit out of the hat for all pupils, so at the end of the learning day every child goes home with a smile on their face.

As a school, we are of course all on a journey of discovery, pupils, staff and governors, and what we learn along the way, we invest in tomorrow.   We are always happy to hear from parents or pupils, past or present, who might help us deliver that brighter tomorrow - we don’t always have all the all the answers, but, like your children, we hope we’re learning….